Top Caulk is a revolutionary product. Top Caulk was created to help painters and do it yourselfers, so that they would not have to use their fingers while smoothing the caulk. This makes work much easier, as Top Caulk is very much an easy-to-use product and with some practice Top Caulk makes this work a lot faster as with one stroke you can both apply caulk on the surface and smoothen it out. Top Caulk has two smoothing pads.



Video Overview


Smoothing pad no. 1, smoothing pad no. 2

Pad no. 1 collects caulk. Pad no. 2 pushes caulk. Two different pads are used because painting work often includes corners where a minimum amount of caulk is necessary (e.g. mouldings) and for this job, pad no. 1 is perfect, because this pad collects the redundant caulk into its groove and does not allow it to diffuse. But there are also corners that need bit more caulk. These corners are for example surrounding areas of walls, ceilings, doors and windows. Pad no. 2 is better for this job as it pushes the caulk and allows it to diffuse in the corner. The pads are made out of silicone and are soft in order to mimic the human finger. Be sure to check out this tutorial in order to better understand Top Caulk and get some tips on how to use it.


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